Looking for a FDCPA Expert Witness?

In 2012 there will be more than 11,500 FDCPA lawsuits filed.  And while many of them will be settled out of court, many will require the services of an FDCPA expert witness.   An effective FDCPA expert witness must be familiar with the collection industry, collection practices, debt buyers, credit scoring, credit reporting, the credit bureau investigation processes, and credit bureaus.

“An effective FDCPA expert witness must be able to provide reliable testimony not only on the credit report and credit score impact of a collection account, but also on the reasonableness of procedures taken by collection agencies to investigate, reinvestigate and report debts to the credit bureaus.  I’ve sen many examples of collection agencies doing it 100% right, and still getting sued.” John Ulzheimer, Founder FDCPAExpertWitness.comT

There are two types of FDCPA experts. There are those who have read about the credit industry, the academic.  And there are those who have actually worked in the credit industry, the true expert.  John Ulzheimer worked at FICO and Equifax and has been an expert in over 100 credit related lawsuits on both sides.  He’s managed the credit bureau data investigation process, trained credit bureau personnel, reviewed countless credit reports, developed FICO score training programs, and have made hundreds of credit presentations.

Please keep me in mind should you ever need an FDCPA expert witness.