Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA) Lawsuits Still on Record Pace in 2012 – John Ulzheimer 1-866-985-8884

News Release by FDCPA Expert Witness, John Ulzheimer.

2012 continues to be a very busy year for FDCPA lawsuits, FDCPA lawyers and FDCPA expert witnesses.  According to WebRecon, a Michigan based Litigant Data tracking bureau, FDCPA lawsuits down 9% year to date in 2012 over the same time period (January through September) in 2011. And while the pace of Fair Debt Collection Practices Act lawsuits has slowed a bit 2012 is on pace to coming close to meeting 2011’s record numbers.  Also something to consider is these numbers are just for Federal lawsuits and do not capture the state level equivalent of the FDCPA, such as the Rosenthal Act in California. The true number of collection related lawsuits is much higher.

Often these types of lawsuits involved a consumer plaintiff suing a collection agency, debt buyer, or collection attorney. The allegations can rage from improper disclosure to a 3rd party to calling cell phones after being told not to do so to abusive collection behavior.  It’s been my experience as an FDCPA expert witness with over 100 cases under my belt that often these allegations are accompanied by suggestions of credit report damage, credit score damage and credit reputation damages.

So, if you’re in the need of a well experienced FDCPA expert witness with a balanced case distribution (plaintiff/defense) who comes from the credit industry (Equifax, FICO, Credit.com) and is twice FCRA certified by the credit industry’s trade association please contact me at 1.866.985.8884.